Leaders and children need to sign up annually. Do not pay any dues or fees until you have been to a meeting to learn about us.

Getting Started

  • First, we have put together a FAQ list for parents that covers a lot of the most common questions. Additionally, we highly encourage you to read over our New Parent Guidebook, which has tons of info and resources for parents new and old!


  • The group newsletter is our primary form of communication about upcoming events. Please subscribe to it here.

Medical and Liability Waiver form

  • All participants in any capacity, adult or youth, must have a Medical Release & Liability Waiver form. This is required to participate in any activities with the group and must be completed each academic school year. Those forms are available on our website  at https://7thTrailblazers.com/waivers.

Group sign-up

  • Complete the group Registration Form, which is available under “Forms” on the website as well. All children participating must have a form filled out, as well as all adults who will be attending on a regular basis or going on any campouts. Please fill out the forms and bring them to the next meeting.

Registration fee and dues

Note: We aim to ensure that cost is never a barrier for any family to join. If cost is an issue, we highly encourage you to reach out to the GSM or Auxiliary Chair about fee reductions and/or waivers.

Dues/registration fees can be paid here.

  • Please pay the annual registration fee – $45 for a single scout or $60 for a family. This covers our annual Group Charter, insurance premiums, scout registration with OSG (our national organization), background checks for adults, the 7th Trailblazer shoulder patch and WFIS patch.
  • Please pay the monthly dues, which is $10 for a single scout or $20 for a family. This covers meeting supplies costs and proficiency badges and necker (when earned). These can be paid on a monthly basis or annually in advance. If paying in advance, note our scout season runs from August through May. Members joining later in the year will only pay for the remaining months of the current season.
  • Both monthly dues and registration fees can be paid by check or credit card at meetings or online on our website (preferred method).
  • There may be other activity costs during the year for outings like campouts.


  • All scouts should have uniform shirt and hat that they wear to all meetings (as well as a necker one they have earned it). That said, scouts do not need a uniform to start attending meetings.
    • Chipmunks (Pre-K) wear a yellow T-shirt
    • Otters (K-2nd grade) wear a red T-shirt shirt and hat
    • Timberwolves (3rd-5th) wear a light gray T-shirt shirt and blue hat
    • Pathfinders (6th-12) wear a dark gray uniform shirt and green or red beret
    • Rovers (adult) wear a green uniform shirt and either a beret or campaign hat
    • Adults may wear the official green OSG logo t-shirt if they so desire.
  • The group Quartermaster (Miguel Flores) will have a supply of shirts and caps for Chipmunks, Otters and Timberwolves. Due to cost and variety of sizes needed, Pathfinder and Rover shirts and hats are purchased on an as-needed basis.

Read and Abide by our Ethics and Youth Protection Guidelines

Scouting is a game. Let’s get ready for fun!