What started as a whimsical idea by Den leader Marika Beck and Timberwolfmaster Ruhiyyih Wittwer of the 55th Cascadia on a campout early in 2013, has become a semi-formal section with recognition at the first Hullabaloo all-section campout. The Chipmunk program is a non-official OSG unit, but one we still take seriously at the 7th Trailblazers. Its intended for the youngest scouts (Pre-K).  Several of the OSG groups across the nation have started this program because younger siblings were coming to meetings, but had nothing to do.  So why not include the youngest kids, right?

Chipmunk section (known as a Scurry) is primarily composed of the little brothers and sisters that are not of Otter age, but tag along on most of our activities. Be warned, these scouts are incredibly cute and clever, and with all of their exposure to scouting, they will be superb Otters. The Chipmunk section is known as the Pile, and is sub-divided into Bumps. Chipmunks have their own scout sign (right hand by right cheek; fingers folded over into palm).


The Chipmunk motto is “Learn and Grow”.


  • Shirt: Yellow jersey tee (OSG-US lists long sleeve, we have adapted to short-sleeve for the climate) with no collar.
  • Shorts/Pants: Either long-style Khaki cargo pants or shorts preferred.
  • Necker: 27″ square red neckerchief, worn with a ring or slide (“woggle”) at the throat
  • Shoes: Closed toed, suitable shoes


We will be using the Chipmunk Handbook, as well as using a wide variety of curriculum materials prepared by our dedicated Otter and Chipmunk leaders.

Additional Chipmunk Materials, including leader guides and Spanish versions, are available at Guides4Guides